Saturday, January 8, 2011

Broadcom has joined the Linux foundation

That is great news. Because this completes the complete eco-system of wi-fi available on GNU/Linux. During the initial days of wi-fi and its proliferation, it was a pain to make a GNU/Linux box connect to the wi-fi networks owing to the lack of drivers. The situation improved with atheros and intel providing code and info regarding their wi-fi devices. For broadcom we were left with reverse engineering the drivers. I myself have a broadcom chip on an nvidia chipset(tx1301au). wi-fi worked with forcedeth drivers written by the GNU/Linux community.

I am very happy with the recent development of broadcom open sourcing their drivers. This will result in GNU/Linux developers not re-inventing the wheel and allow them to concentrate their energies on other freedom software which is not existing. Welcome Broadcom to the GNU/Linux, GNU/BSD, GNU/Hurd freedom software eco-system.

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