Saturday, January 8, 2011

App store is a mis-spelt Apt

The link above is an excellent article which explains the subject perfectly. I am putting my views on this article, thats it. I cannot add much to whatever has been told there. The appstore of apple is an example how excessive marketing spending billions of dollars will give a new dimension to an existing technology which stood its test of time an continue to do so in the community circles.

I am using debian for the past 9 years. I always had aptitude and the synaptic and then now, software center since that time. I have never re-installed my debian installatiion since debian 3.1 to this day. I install whatever I want at any time, whenever I want it and then un-install it once its use is over( I will install it once again when needed ). I upgrade my kernel, system software(debian specific conf files), and all other apps from open office to the smaller but important mpg123.

The apps go through three phases of bug squashing before they become part of the stable basket. I laughed at the installation methods being doled out by apps installing in windows. We GNU/Linux users know exactly where the files are to be installed. With this concept in mind, apt(Advanced packaging tool) was developed by the debian developers. The concept was so excellent that Redhat re-wrote it in a new way called rpm(Red hat package manager). But, that was a step backward. They then had to come out with something called yum.

The beauty of apt was it would find out the dependencies and pull all the necessary packages automatically over the public network. It is getting better day by day. I do not have a single broken package to this day. I have changed my state of packages to testing for the past 2 yrs and am awed at the quality of work the debian developers are putting into this fantastic distribution.

Now we are having an app store for everything. Good. All the credit go to the freedom software developers and particularly to the debian developers. Thank u.

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